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Amizero Kompagnie


Amizero Kompagnie is the first professional contemporary dance company in Rwanda. Created by the University Centre for Arts and Drama of the National University of Rwanda (NR), the company has since then developed its own autonomy with different partnerships in the region and with international structures. Winner of the silver medal at the 6th Jeux de la Francophonie in Lebanon, the company keeps developing its repertoire consistently with more than 10 dance and theatre plays created and showcased up today.

Amizero Kompagnie, whilst looking for new opportunities to grow, keeps questioning their work, adapting to the changes, movements and challenges raising in today’s society.


Des Espoirs 2005

Baho 2008

Différences 2009

Frontières 2012

The Fire Fighter 2013

Run run run  2014

Radio Play 2015

Skin 2015

Ibeiji 2016

East African Bolero 2017

The little Invisible Things 2021

Amizero Kompagnie: About


Fevrier 15-22/2024 : EA Bolero Triennale de Kigali

New Creation : "Multitude"

Residence 1 : February 1-21/2024 Kigali

Residence 2 : 8-18 April /2024 Muda Africa Dar Es Salaam

Public Presentation : 

Feb 18th : Kigali Triennal 

April 19th : Jukwaa Huru Festival Tanzania


Created and inspired by the original composition of Ravel's Bolero, the East African Boléro stages the mythological story of the first men's creation and birth. Wesley Ruzibiza alongside Vincent Harisdo worked with 8 dancers from the East African region (RDC, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania) to develop a contemporary language inspired by the classical vocabulary of the region, bridging traditional dances with contemporary dance during a 45 min show.


Around the themes of connection, solitude, support, loss and trauma, Multitude  explore the human experience of always moving forward, no matter what challenges we face. In this perpetual journey towards what we believe to be a way out, stories emerge and intertwine in a back-and forth between the individual and the group.

Amizero Kompagnie: Welcome
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