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Schools Program

Educational Outreach

The school program aims to raise awareness of the young Rwandan generation at the dance practice, to train dancers and the public of tomorrow. To this end, 10 dancer-trainers selected among trained dancers by the  EANT/Amizero teach each year 24 sessions of 3 to 4 hours of urban and contemporary dance in 10 schools of the five provinces of Rwanda. After one or two years, students who have benefited from the courses, form a dance club within their school, which works independently with our trainers, and the trainers start a new cycle in new schools. Ultimately, we wish to register the contemporary dance in the sport program of the Ministry of Education.

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Professional Training

Dance Immersion program- technical training- Coaching of companies

Our goal is to offer quality training in response to the absence of professional dance schools in the region. Our training lasts 3 to 4 months and includes two components in the choreographic formation. 20 Rwandan and regional dancers follow 2 to 3 months of intensive training intended to give them access to techniques and choreographic tools. The courses are organized in 5 or 6 weeks masterclasses with regional or international speakers. In the coaching program, 2 or 3 young Rwandan dance companies or regional companies work for a month with guest artists who accompany them in the creation of a performance which is part of the IN program of the EANT Festival in Kigali and with a possiblity of a tour within our regional network.

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Theatre L'Espace

To meet the major need of multidisciplinary artistic venues that the city of Kigali is faced with, we have partnered with 1 local artistic structure this year: Iyugi Ltd (production, theater festival, radio, and film production), to occupy a transformable and modular space. This space is not only a workspace and an administrative office but it is also an exhibition space, a rehearsal studio, and a performance hall that can be adapted according to the needs and programs of Artists. L'ESPACE offers a professional and entertaining program all year round and hosts the EANT festival.

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