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EANT Current Edition

EANT 2022

EANT 2022, a celebration of 10 years of the festival's existence, will be on the Theme of "bodies Beyond stories"  with a special focus and celebration of the famous Ecole des sables and the work that the school has been doing on the continent for the last 25 years through the person, achievements, and resilience of Germaine Acogny. EANT 2022 will 100% be a Sablistes and Friends Festival!

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EANT Retro

archive 2012-2019

For the past 8 years EANT Festival has welcomed in the City of Kigali more than 400 hundred regional and international artists, programmed around 80 shows in the festival IN, trained more than 200 dancers with its weekly festival workshop and performed for more than 8000 people on its nights of performances.

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